Focus on Food Video Series

The Focus on Food & Focus on Livestock video series provides short training opportunities for various positions in the agricultural sector.

Training and Resources for Grain Farmers

This video highlights considerations for investing in grain farm equipment, resources and training opportunities.

Integrated Pest Management with Ontario Apple Growers

This video highlights the importance of integrated pest management in apple orchards.

Focus on Livestock: The Importance of Biosecurity

This video identifies why biosecurity protocols exist and introduces various measures that can be taken to ensure a safe and healthy barn.

Focus on Livestock: Tips for Producers Hosting Farm Visitors

This video offers tips for producers from a local veterinarian on how to prepare your biosecurity protocols for farm visitors or service providers.

Focus on Livestock: Biosecurity Best Practices for Farm Visitors

This video features important information for service providers regarding biosecurity protocols when visiting a farm.

Focus on Livestock: Cattle Herd Health and Animal Welfare

This video explores the benefits of relying on observance, regular vet visits and nutrition programs to maintain herd health.

Focus on Livestock: Proper Animal Handling on Feedlot Operations

This video explores  the complicated efficiency of raising healthy cattle and how to interact with them to reduce animal stress.

Training Staff and Customers on Digital Options

This video highlights the digital options that can be put in place for direct farm marketing.

Conestoga College Agricultural Equipment Operator Program

This video introduces a new program at Conestoga College to train students on the maintenance, theory and operation of farm equipment.

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